What is Argentine Tango?
Ultimately, dancing Tango is a wonderful way to meet new people within a friendly and fun social environment oozing with elegance and style.

Argentine Tango is a partner dance of improvisation where each dance is unique; therefore no two dances are the same which adds to the attraction of the dance.

In order for this to be possible, connection and communication between the two dancers is essential.  Technique and skill is also important in Argentine Tango as it allows for two people to develop their connection and thus dance spontaneously together, allowing for a conversation to take place between the couple.

“Tango is a man and a woman in search of one another, of a way to be together. He likes to lead; she likes to be led. Disagreements may arise later, or they may not. What is important in that moment is to maintain a positive and productive dialogue, fifty – fifty. The music arouses and torments. The dance is the coupling of two people defenceless against the world, and powerless to change things. This is the best definition of tango as a dance, I think.” – Juan Carlos Copes

What to wear
Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move easily.  Shoes also need to be comfortable, with a smooth sole that allows the shoe to slide easily across the floor.  Some ladies find heels helpful as this distributes their weight forward. Although it is not necessary to wear a pair of dance shoes when beginning, it is often the first investment people make once they get going.

Do you need a partner?Untitled
You do not have to bring a partner along as there will be people for you to dance with.  Argentine Tango is a social dance and so we change partners regularly.  In fact dancing with a variety of partners improves the proficiency of the individual dancer.

At a Milonga, a social dance, it is etiquette to dance with a number of different partners throughout the evening.

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